Mindful staff make the most difference to the ethos and emotional environment of any education setting. The importance of this goes without saying in the midst of the profound challenges education is facing as we work through the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic, but building capacity amongst staff is the basis of any settings mindfulness strategy.  The Mindfulness Toolkit (link) suggests that as many staff as possible should have completed an 8 session mindfulness course.  This applies in all education settings including youth work, FE and HE.

Several courses are available for staff, all consisting of 8 sessions though they can be delivered in different ways.  Please note that these courses help you to be mindful in your relationships with your learners and may help you introduce mindful activities, but in order to teach mindfulness programmes to learners to give them the full experience you will need to have completed an 8 session course and undertake further specific training. 

We’re offering a mixture of open courses and courses organised directly with a learning setting or local area to meet your needs.   

Education based staff looking for a mindfulness course can choose from:

  • Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World
  • The Present for Adults
  • .b Foundations

Please contact Learning Mindfully with any queries and for further information.

Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World

Does exactly what it says. A down-to-earth approach to introducing mindfulness designed for the ‘worried well’ – which could probably describe most of us especially at the moment.  Firmly based onientifically grounded techniques it can provide all the benefits of mindfulness (add link to page) to help us cope, connect, flourish and empower change.

  • introduction to mindfulness
  • increased self-knowledge and self management
  • enhanced resilience and response
  • supporting relationships
  • boosting kindness, compassion, connection

The Present for Adults 

This is a new course offering a gentle introduction to formal mindfulness, weaving learning about mindfulness, wellbeing and neuroscience into activities in everyday life.  The Present is based on an 8 session model but can be delivered quite flexibly online or in person when circumstances allow.

The Present for Adults

As above but delivered in four 2 hour sessions offering a gentle but thorough introduction to mindfulness practice, moving from mindfulness in everyday life to more formal practice:

  • introduces how mindfulness can impact on all aspects of your life through activities and discussion
  • provides an idea of some of the neuroscience and research underpinning the practices
  • explores the inter-relationship between body, mind and emotions
  • looks at the connections between us and others and our environment
  • enhances our awareness of chores we make and how we are affected by change

.b Foundations

Eight 90 minute sessions (or 4 half days) developed specifically for school communities which help participants to:

  • Feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled
  • Get on better with others, including pupils and colleagues
  • Work more effectively by bringing increased awareness to the process
  • Increase resilience in the face of stress and difficulties.

Contact Learning Mindfully for further details about how this course could be made available to your staff.