Mindfulness in Education in Wales

More and more education settings in Wales have set out on their mindfulness journeys.  These include primary schools, secondary schools FE colleges, HE institutions and the Youth Service.  The Mindfulness Toolkit developed in partnership with the Welsh Government and representatives for all sectors and all parts of Wales provides lots of guidance to help settings develop an effective and sustainable mindfulness strategy, recognising that getting it right needs long term planning and ongoing evaluation.  The Toolkit makes a clear distinction between mindful activities, which can be enjoyable and provide short term benefit, and high quality mindfulness programmes which provide learners with a skills and understanding to help them throughout their life.

The context in Wales provides a real opportunity for mindfulness to be introduced on a wider scale.  

  • The fallout from the current crisis means there is now a high priority for the wellbeing of staff and learners, many of whom will have been directly affected by the illness or loss of people close to them, and all of whom will have been affected by the lockdown and continuing uncertainty.  
  • The introduction of the new curriculum, even if there is a revised timetable, includes significant aspects of mindfulness in the Health and Wellbeing Area of Learning and Experience (link) as well as the Four Common Purposes.  Mindfulness might also have a role in supporting other curriculum areas such as sport and creativity.
  • The establishment of the Whole School Approach to emotional and mental health also provides an opportunity for including mindfulness as part of the range of provision to support staff and learners.  The Mindfulness Toolkit will support the Framework Guidance for the Whole School Approach