Mindfulness Practices

Here are some guided practices you might like to try.

General Practices

Appreciation Practice

Mindfulness of Body and Breath

Rumi: Dealing with Difficulty

Lake Meditation

Connection with the World Practice

Tree Meditation

Thoughts Meditation

Sounds and Thoughts Practice

Body Scan Practice

Loving Kindness Practice

Just Like Me Compassion Practice

Natural World Practices

Some of these natural world practices need you to be near something from the natural world and to bring all your senses to exploring it.  You may want to download them to a phone so that you have them to hand when you have identified what you have chose to focus on.  These simple practices show that you can practise mindfulness anytime, anywhere.

But if you are unable to get out into nature at this time, try practising with the Learning Mindfully Galleries.

Mindfulness of a Flower

Mindfulness of a Dandelion Clock




Mindfulness of a Dandelion Flower

Mindfulness of a Tree