MEL is an 8 session mindfulness and leadership course for senior leaders in education delivered here in 4 half day sessions from 1pm-4pm on 26th November and 10th December 2020, and 14th and 28th January 2021



A course for Heads and SLT members  and leaders in other education settings delivered here in 4 half days, MEL has been developed as part of the National Academy for Education Leadership Innovation Programme in Wales.  It’s a mindfulness course with added relevance for leaders including self care, compassionate leadership, leading cultural and systemic change, managing leadership stress, mindful connection and much more.

Recognising that nothing is normal in these difficult times, this online programme is designed to offer support to education staff with your most important need at this moment – your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues. It may feel difficult to allocate time at the moment, but if you can, maybe this is the best time to support yourself so you’re in the best position to support your family, colleagues and learners.

Mindfulness might help:

  • Boost your resilience
  • Help you regulate your emotions and be more responsive to the emotions of others
  • Support connection – with yourself and others
  • Provide space for yourself in the midst of all that’s going on and help you prioritise
  • Give you skills and techniques to support yourself and others
  • Enhance your appreciation and self compassion

Mindfulness can support you to cope, connect, flourish and empower change and in the longer term will support you in implementing the Health and Wellbeing AoLE and the Whole School Approach, but the priority for all of us at this moment is wellbeing.